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A Proposal to Forge a Global Alliance

Phase One:
Our Demands - Making Them Abundantly Clear

The Proposal

Hello and welcome. The first purpose of this website is to present a proposal that, one, neatly solves any and all difficulties that the participants and supporters of the international occupation movement is having in arriving at a consensus on a minimum set of demands; and, two, has a real possibility of uniting all other organizations around the world who identify with “the 99%.”

The proposal is that we compile a maximum set of demands.

Rather than struggling to encapsulate all of the crises humanity faces into just a few clauses – no matter how powerfully and elegantly stated – the movement and the world might benefit more if we could take this unprecedented historical opportunity to agree to, and then, right here, now, act on a simple, effective, and fair way to collect, itemize, rate, rank, and present a list of the changes that we demand, solutions to all of the problems that we see being caused by institutional and systemic power and greed; by corporations and crowns; by capitalism, colonialism, industrialism, militarism, and usury.

This Phase One is meant to facilitate the co-creation of an exhaustive and global "Permanent Petition for a Redress of Grievances."

Our demands.

What follows summarizes how this accord can be easily accomplished.

How It Works

1.   The demands being listed on Occupy Demands International are being gleaned and compiled from the charters, mission statements, manifestos, and petitions of a broad range of already existing groups that identify with “the 99%”; and from individual or group submissions to this site.

2.   After creating an account, users are invited to rate all demands on a scale of -10 to +10. Rating the demands - and coming back to rate newly posted demands, or to change one’s ratings - is at the heart of Phase One, and the key to its success! (Click on “Rate Demands,” above or below.)

3.   Demands whose average score is greater than zero appear on “The Master List of Demands” ranked according to the average rating they have so far received.

4.   Demands receiving a negative ranking can still be rated, but appear on a separate list, namely, “Negatively Rated Demands.”

5.   Further demands not found on the lists can be submitted by all Occupations, their supporters, people of good heart and concerned mind, and those struggling to make ends meet. (Click on “Submit Demands,” above or below.)

The Master List

The formation of The Master List of Demands - this growing roster of grievances and solutions - is hereby presented to the 1% who, perhaps with good intentions, but blinded by self- interest, have always attempted to rule and control us. This compilation forms the first stage of a three-part strategy aimed at forging an unprecedented strength and unity of purpose, and an unprecedented opportunity for optimism and determination.

The Master List of Demands can represent both the voice of The Occupy Movement and the vast percentage of the global population that it is attempting to represent.


This site's purpose is to collect only global demands directed at global issues. Others around the world are encouraged to set up similar sites for countries, states, provinces, regions, counties, and municipalities (OccupyDemandsUSA, OccupyDemandsLondon, OccupyDemandsOurTown, etc) and to begin collecting demands pertinent to these more local areas. If you are interested in starting a regional OccupyDemands site please contact the developers of here.

Coming Soon!

Phase Two:
Nonviolent Strategies and Tactics: Exercising Our Power: Submissions on Non-Submission!

Phase Three:
Creating Alternatives: Ideas for Looking After Ourselves.